A Letter to my Best Friend

There is a definitive moment in a person’s life where they become acutely aware of the fact that they found their soul mate. I’m not talking about the person they’ll spend the rest of their days waking up to each morning. I’m talking about that person you never knew would become your closest friend, because the first conversation you had with them was about minions. The one that brings out the 5 year old in you, so you can be 5 years old together. So, to that person who never lets age be a factor especially when it comes to minions:

Thank you for being you around me and for letting me be myself. Thank you for letting me be the worst of myself and the best of myself and for loving me anyways. Thank you for letting me be free to be whoever I wanted without having to pretend to be better, or anyone else but simply me. Thank you sharing in my happiest moments, and for genuinely being just as happy as I am. Thank you for listening to my saddest stories and being there for me through my most difficult trials, for seeing me at my absolute lowest point and still radiating compassion and empathy from wherever you are. Thank you for being the only person I ever want to confide in, and the person I know that it’s okay to need.

Thank you for being the most beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you for making the world a better place, just by being in it. Thank you for making colors a little brighter, sunshine a little warmer, and hugs a little better. Thank you for always seeing the best in me, and loving me and showing me a glimpse of unconditional love that only God could place in you. Thank you for defining selflessness; you are going to change the world just as much as you have changed mine.

Thank you for the laughs, for the cries, and for everything in between. Thank you for being my rock, my anchor; for keeping me grounded when I feel like I might otherwise blow away, or when I feel I cannot go on and like I will always be stuck in the same place. Thank you for all of the things you do from the biggest to even the smallest that you might thing insignificant, because I promise it meant the world to me. Thank you for knowing that my favorite thing is a minion and for knowing that even the simplest things make my heart soar. Thank you for always knowing what to say and for being one of life’s best teachers. Thank you for knowing that even a hug will make everything better. Thank you for making fun of me when I deserve it, and for loving me when I don’t. Thank you for staying constant in a world full of change, and for keeping some sense of being a child with me in a world full of chaos that says we are suppose to grow up.

Thank you for laughing as hard as I did at that stuff I randomly find on Facebook before bed. Thank you for making sure I didn’t get away from you even when I have tried to push you away. Thank you for setting the bar so high and making it impossible to find another friend as good as you. Thank you for making the four short months we have been friends feel like forever and for giving me enough memories to last a lifetime, but not ending there, memories that will continue for years to come. Thank you for making me hurt when I miss you, but for taking the hurt away when I see you. Thank you for loving me, and for never giving up on me even though I expected you to. Thank you for going above and beyond every expectation I ever thought I had. Thank you for being the very best gift God has ever given me in a friend. Thank you for being the gift that keeps on giving, for being that gift that there is not a single way I can try to say God doesn’t love me because He put the most incredible person I have ever met in my life, to show me His love and push me to be more like Him. Thank you for being my sister in Christ, and for doing Bible studies with me and for going and sitting out in mosquitoes that only you get bit by and spending an hour praying and spending time in God with me. Thank you for letting me steal you away from life every month to show you how incredible special of a human being you really are and how much you are loved. Most importantly thank you for trusting me enough to steal you away to even have the chance to do that. Thank you for breaking down every wall I put up around my heart to keep people out. Thank you for being there for me in a way no one else has where I was able to fully let you in. Thank you for being the first person in my life to do it, for being the first person that I hide nothing from, and come to you completely and as broken as I am, knowing you will hug me and tell me God will get me through this. Thank for always knowing I can do it, and I will always get through it. Thank you for always being by my side to learn with me and go through things with me, but thank you for always wanting to be by my side. Thank you for everything you have helped me overcome and will continue to help me overcome with the Lord.Thank you for a friendship that is built and constantly building on the Lord Jesus Christ because it is the greatest friendship I could ever imagine. Thank you for the absolute privilege and honor of being able to call you my best friend, thank you for being my person. Thank you for giving me these reasons, and a million more, to be thankful for.

Always and Forever,

Your Best Friend

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