why me

Why.. why…Why?

Why did they have to die?

Why do I need to study?

Why should I go to school?

Why this?…Why that?..

Why, Why…Why?

All we ever ask is why

We have such a yearning to know the answer

The answer to such a frequently asked question


Why me?

Let’s think about that one..why me?

Why was I born?

We ask all these why questions and rarely get an answer

But the one why question we ask that we need not ever ask is why me?

Because deep down we all know the answer

Why was I born?


Let me remind you because so many times we  forget

We forget that we know the answer already

Why was I born?

I was born, you were born

For what?

To fill up empty space?

To take up air?

I bet there are a billion negative reasons a person could come up with to answer that

But they’re all wrong answers

You weren’t born just…

To fill empty space


to take up air


But for a purpose

You were made for so much more than your living for

Instead of asking why…me?

Ask why not me?

You were born to do something only you could do

The purpose you were born for

No one else can do

You have amazing gifts, and amazing talents..

Don’t waste it.


We have 86,400 seconds a day

To make a difference, to do something only you can do

Don’t let the moments pass you by

You were made for a purpose

Make the most of every 86,400 second of it every day


So instead of asking

Why did this happen

Why did that happen

Why do I have to do this or that

ask How..

How could I help good come out of what happened?

How can I do my best at what I’m doing?

How can I change the world?

You have 31,536,000 seconds a year

Ask how you can make a difference every day and  every year.

Are you really FINE


F. I. N. E.

The single word that seems to describe most humans

How are you?

How was your day?

How are you truly?


Do we even have a vocabulary or is it just out of habit we hide behind four little letters

F. I. N. E.

The toughest people hide behind four meaningless letters

F. Frightened

I. Internally

N. Never

E. Expressing

We are so frightened of that sin filled person inside of us that we never express what is really happening in our lives

We are forever frightened of what lives internally in us that we never express how we truly are


Your life is falling apart

You’re struggling with sexual impurity

You’ve developed a drinking problem

You’re about to gamble your family into bankruptcy

Your marriage is dying

Your kids are rebelling

So how are you then

…Oh I’m..

F. I. N. E.

How are you…

I’m struggling with being selfish

I’m struggling with thinking I’m better than others

I struggle with gossip

I struggle with not judging others

I struggle with being lazy

But I can mask all of those things and pretend they don’t exist

So I’m…


We think as long as we can temporarily put a mask on we are fine

But we aren’t we are hurting and breaking

We keep our masks on so long, and we have so many different masks that we wear that it’s almost like we don’t even truly know what our real self is suppose to look like anymore

Behind all the masks there is a perfect person

A person that Jesus Christ the living God died for

He died to make you perfect in the eyes of the Lord

No matter what your sin is or how broken and damaged you are

Underneath all those masks there is a perfect and precious person

And that person is “fearfully and wonderfully made”


Take off the masks and embrace the gift that Jesus gave

Hold your head up high with the knowledge that you are put back together through Christ